Why we should all listen to Elsa

Yes, this is a post with a Frozen theme. But if you bear with me, there is a serious point, I promise.

When Frozen first came out I did not jump on the bandwagon with everyone else. I missed seeing it at the cinema and all the hurrah passed me by. Predictably, by the time I did see it, I was a little disappointed. It had been so overhyped and, to be honest, I thought Tangled was better.

The second viewing was better. I enjoyed it but it was still just a movie. Lately, however, I’ve been mulling over the whole ‘let it go’ obsession. After pushing past the catchy tune and lyrics I really listened to every word. I hadn’t given this song enough credit. I’d rebelled against ‘Let It Go’ a little because of all the hype but now I see it as a very important piece of advice. It’s actually a little frustrating to think that kids will just be loving the fun song without understanding the depth of the philosophy.

An inability to let things go is dangerous. This may sound like an exaggeration but, as I learn more about Fibromyalgia, the serious impact stress – in this case caused by obsessing over things – has had in creating and perpetuating my condition is being revealed. So yes, it is dangerous. By continually obsessing, succumbing to anxiety and clinging to old grievances I slipped into a state of perpetual stress which ravaged my body. So much so I broke the damn thing.

Who knows, maybe I’d still be healthy if I’d just been able to let things go.

So next time you break into a Frozen sing-a-long maybe just take a second to really think about what Elsa is saying. Is there anything you’re clinging onto that you should really just let go of? You’re body may be glad that you did.