In a nutshell, Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that causes the sufferer to experience constant pain and fatigue. It is an ‘untreatable’ lifelong illness and is classed as an invisible illness as, to look at a person with Fibromyalgia you would likely think they were in perfect health. There are no external signs that people usually associate with people being sick. Because of this Fibromyalgia sufferers can often feel lonely and frustrated, especially when others don’t always believe anything is wrong.

But it is painful and the fatigue causes many sufferers to lose their jobs and can make every day a struggle.

I used inverted commas when describing it as untreatable as, in traditional medical terms, yes it is untreatable. There is no known cure method that can be prescribed to everyone. But people do somehow manage to recover from this affliction all the time.

I don’t know whether I will be able to fix my body and get back to being 100% healthy again but I am devoting the next year (at least) to trying. I am reading accounts from other Fibromyalgia sufferers who recovered and learning more about the systems of the body. (If I had known this was in my future, I probably would have paid more attention in Biology at school!)

I am now on a wheat, sugar, caffeine and alcohol free diet in an effort to control the dysfunctions in my body. The wheat is eliminated to reduce leaky gut, sugar is gone to control the excessive cortisol and insulin surges and I’m going sober to reduce the stress on my liver. I’m aware that these efforts alone are not enough but they are a start and if it means I can have a day with only a few twinges and not full blown aching pain across my body, I’m happy to have it as a starting point.




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