About Me

A little while ago I started taking stock of what I had accomplished so far in my life. This was because I didn’t think I’d actually done that much. I’d started down the slippery slope of comparing myself to my friends – married, loved up, kicking ass in their careers – and I wanted to get some perspective.

Thankfully it worked.

I remembered I have some things to boast about too: I received an award at my uni graduation for a play I wrote. I have progressed from an unpaid work experience position to a Junior Project Manager in two years. I have star gazed in the Sahara Desert and eaten steak with cowboys and indians (separately).

I have had some amazing and life defining moments. But it was my diagnosis in August 2014 that steered my life down it’s most current path. Despite all the things I have done nothing sent me into such a heavy period of observation and self reflection than being told I had a chronic illness.

This blog isn’t to preach. It certainly isn’t to complain. I’ve done all of that – well, most of it – already.

It is just to share.


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