Why your health is the most important thing in your life. Always.

Your health is the most important thing in your life. Always.

Everyone has that friend who claims they never get sick. The ones who smugly pronounce they haven’t had a cold in years, as you plow through your second packet of cough sweets.

But even these human anomalies cannot hold off the plethora of viruses that surround us forever. Eventually they succumb, amidst croaks of surprise and anguish.

The lesson is simple: everyone is susceptible to illness – whether temporary like a cold or the flu, or a permanent life-long or life threatening condition.

Most of the time in life people get sick for a little while then bounce back all sunny and rosy. But there are plenty out there for whom this does not happen. They get struck down by a disease and pinned there.

Here are just a few of the ways in which poor health can impact your life.

It impacts on your job

If you’re not out on sick days, you’re sat in a meeting unable to concentrate on anything other than how terrible you feel.

And that’s if you’re even capable of holding down a job at all.

It impacts on your hobbies

Love hiking? That’ll be difficult when you’re struck down with chronic fatigue. Ditto, if you want to play any kind of sport, be part of a society or even hang out with friends.

It impacts on your ability to travel

In ways you wouldn’t normally imagine. To manage my condition I have a restricted diet including no wheat or sugar. Most foreign hostels don’t usually cater for gluten free, no sugar diets, meaning any exotic location I dream of is now tampered by logistical food restrictions.

It impacts your relationships

Your true family and friends would never leave you if you got really sick. But there will be days you get frustrated and upset that, no matter how sympathetic the people around you are, no one really knows what you’re going through.

It is impossible to truly understand how someone feels unless you have been there yourself. It’s no one’s fault but that doesn’t stop the sense of loneliness from creeping in.

Of course no one can predict getting sick and it certainly isn’t your fault if you do – sometimes, that’s just the card life deals out. But what you can do is take steps to allow your body the best chance of coping with whatever might come your way.

Whether you’re already living with an illness or still healthy, there is some wisdom that we could all do with following:

Eat healthy, yes but more than that, learn about food. Take time to really discover what goes into food items these days and how much fat, sugar or chemicals you’re consuming. Don’t just blindly follow a diet someone gave you, create your own! Each body is individual, so everyone should have their own tailored diet plan.

Minimise your stress by figuring out how to spot the signs. In today’s world everyone is constantly moving – partying, gossiping, working – but very rarely fully relaxing.

That feeling you have, like you’re constantly on edge or buzzing with adrenaline? That’s not normal. Our bodies are designed to use the stress hormones as temporary measures. If you find yourself hyped up more often than you’re relaxed, you need to schedule some immediate down time.


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