Who you are is right in front of you

We all know the stigma around the millennial generation: we are self involved, anxious and giving new meaning to the term ‘identity crisis’. Us 20-somethings claim to not know who we are, to need deep journeys of self discovery to find ourselves. But I think there are actually lots of little signs right in front of you that tell you exactly who you are, you just need to learn how to spot them.

For example, I have a ridiculous amount of tea varieties at work. We are a tiny office – there are three of us. Before me there was two types of tea: normal and Lady Grey. When I started I needed decaf – I’d been off caffeine for years. So, then there were three: normal, decaf and Lady Grey.

Two years later, this is what our tea station looks like:

Lady Grey
Decaf Earl Grey
Decaf green tea
Peppermint & Morrocan mint
Apple & blackcurrant
Lemon and ginger
Raspberry and apple
Decaf coffee

All of these additions are because of me. I am not a person who can stick to one thing for any period of time. It isn’t because I don’t like the original anymore – I always have at least one cup of decaf regular tea a day – but I like variety and, often, the regular tea isn’t what is best for me at the time; sometimes I need peppermint to sooth my stomach or some chai for a placebo sugar fix.

At the end of the day, I am someone who needs variety in my life in order for me not to become complacent or bored.

So what little clues are around you that might point you down the path of discovering who you are? I guarantee they are there but if you’re not convinced, look at your bookshelves.

My room is full of books – I have read most of them at least twice. When I find something I like, I will keep it around. I go over it again and again, loving all the details that I already know and delighted by new ones I discover. On the flip side, I cannot ‘persevere’ with a book – either it catches my attention or I’m done.

I’m a person who knows very quickly if something is right for me or not and I don’t force things if it isn’t a good fit.

Have a look around and see what you find. You don’t always need a therapist or soul-searching trek around Asia to discover who you are. Sometimes you just need to look in your cupboard.


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